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Teachers2Teachers—International provides ongoing professional development and resources to influential, high-impact teachers in selected schools around the world. We begin by pairing classroom teachers with experienced teacher-coaches, emphasizing a culturally sensitive approach that encourages student-centered instruction using community learning goals.

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Guatemalan students

The world is full of different schools designed to fulfill the unique needs of the students they serve. Students and their families rely on teachers to deliver that service. Some teachers go to extreme measures to fulfill their commitment.

For example, in Honduras, El Maestro en Casa teachers travel up to two hours to neighboring villages to deliver one day of instruction to students who cannot afford to attend a traditional school. In Guatemala, teachers at the William M. Botnan School employ both Spanish and the local Ixil language so that first-generation students can remain connected to their Mayan heritage. In South Africa, Mukhanyo Christian Academy provides an education to AIDS orphans and other vulnerable children in the community.

In these schools, and many others around the globe, caring, knowledgeable teachers work hard to serve their students. They utilize whatever tools are available to create and deliver lessons that make a difference in their students’ lives.

Teachers2Teachers—International was created to provide teachers with professional training for the mathematics and science classroom. We send teams of experienced coaches to schools in all parts of the world to partner with the local teachers. After an initial introductory visit has been completed, a typical coaching trip will last for one or two weeks. The expertise and knowledge of the local staff is included in designing the professional development program.

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